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effyAI Cloud: Elevate Customer & Brand Experience

We pride ourselves on offering a Full- Stack Generative AI solution that sets us apart in the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence

effyGenerative AI: For superior Brand experiences

Embark on a transformative journey through our AI stack, discovering the brilliance of effyAI that revolutionizes creativity and innovation.

effyLocalize: For effortless digital asset localization

Our platform empowers you to localize apps, websites, and various digital assets effortlessly in over 120 languages.

Experience Our Generative AI Suite

Unleash Creative Brilliance: Explore Our Generative AI Suite

AI Translate

For swift, precise, and effortless translations. Keep your translations context - specific. Your shortcut to smarter localization in over 120 plus languages , every word matters.

AI Voice Cloning

Create a unique vocal identity with AI Voice Cloning. Harness the power of our technology to replicate and personalize voices. Perfect for generating lifelike voice assistants or preserving and immortalizing distinct voices for various applications.

AI Avatar Creation

Human Avatar Creation technology that transcends traditional boundaries, offering an unparalleled level of personalization and interaction. Our cutting-edge solution brings virtual characters to life with astonishing realism, creating a transformative experience across various applications.

AI Dubbing

Elevate your content's global appeal with AI Dubbing. Our advanced technology seamlessly translates and synchronizes dialogue in videos, ensuring an authentic and immersive experience in multiple languages while preserving lip sync and natural flow.

AI Text to Image

Transform ideas into visuals effortlessly with AI Text to Images. Our technology interprets textual descriptions and generates captivating images, enhancing creativity and streamlining the content creation process.

AI Text to Video

Turn words into dynamic visuals with AI Text to Video. Unlock the potential of storytelling by converting text descriptions into compelling video content. Perfect for creating engaging multimedia presentations and enhancing overall visual communication.

AI Text to Speech

Give written words a voice with AI Text to Speech. Our technology converts text into natural-sounding spoken words, delivering a seamless and accessible experience. Ideal for applications ranging from assistive technologies to automated customer interactions.

AI Chatbot

Revolutionize customer engagement with AI Chatbot. Our intelligent conversational agents leverage advanced algorithms to provide efficient and personalized interactions. Enhance customer service, streamline information retrieval, and elevate user experiences.

effyContent Cloud: The Ultimate AI Suite for Hyper-Personalized, Interactive Content Experiences

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effyVideo: Interactive Video Experiences

CTA inside videos, personalized videos—to captivate audiences and enhance engagement.

effyDOC: Humanized Document Management

Store, personalize, share, track, and manage files or documents with ease.

effyPersonalize & Interact: Enhance Engagement, Drive Conversions

Create scalable, hyper-personalized, and interactive content to deliver an immersive experience across various content types.

effyDAM: Streamlining Digital Assets

Store, Tag, organize, your digital assets, from images to videos and documents, using our intuitive DAM platform.

effyMarketing Cloud: AI-driven 1:1 Personalization across Customer touch points

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effyCX: AI Omni – Channel Marketing Automation

Personalized, Interactive content Distribution across communication channels for maximum reach.

effySites: AI Personalized Web Experiences

Dynamic content personalization across websites, landing pages for every visitor.

effyCDP: Unified Customer Data Platform

For cross-channel campaigns, linking actions for personalized, customer-centric experiences across platforms.

effySurvey: Personalized & Interactive Survey Experiences

Enhance surveys: blend video personalization & interactivity for engaging and insightful responses.

effySales Cloud: AI Sales Acceleration Platform – Organization & Partners

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effyCRM: For Sales Excellence

CRM solution for all businesses: Simple, affordable, feature-rich. Create a WOW factor for every lead.

effyLinks: Personalized Product & Branded Microsites

Progressive Web App (PWA) for content, co-branding, personalized sharing, real-time analytics with intent signals.

effyPartner: Complete Partner Experience Suite

Streamline onboarding, gamify experiences, boost partner relations and channel performance.

effyProposal: Instantly grab your prospects' attention

Personalized proposals, pre-designed templates, esignature capabilities, CRM data integration & much more.

effyPeople Cloud: AI-Powered Employee Experience Suite

effyHire: Hiring & Onboarding Experience

Transform hiring and onboarding with AI- personalized, interactive content.

effyLMS: Adaptive Learning Hub

Leverage AI to secure employee growth through a dynamic, engaging, and tailored educational experience.

effyCoach: Ongoing Sales Enablement & Support

Empower reps with timely access to learning content right when it's needed.

effyKPI: For Gamified Team Performance tracking

Complete KPI tracking solution for organizations, individuals, or teams to enhance employee productivity.

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